In healthcare, safety, accuracy and speed are vital. Using technology to improve the precision and efficiency of patient care can reduce liability and save lives.

Transport & Logistics


Transportation and logistics companies are in the business of moving people, inventory or cargo — in the air, on the ground or at sea, or for periods of time, in the warehouse. How well the business runs depends upon the accuracy of information, such as fuel used, containers scanned or miles covered. And those facts change constantly.


Wireless Comunication

The concept of multi-channel business has quickly evolved into omni-channel. As a result, the emphasis for retail is now on providing consistent, customer-centric experiences.



Wireless communications technology is transforming schools, colleges and universities around the globe, from how teachers teach to how students securely access information and learn. Today’s technology makes it possible to extend learning far beyond the classroom.



Enabling the mobile workforce with access to the right information to make better decisions for better outcomes is the challenge facing government agencies. From the inspectors who need to access building plans to the rescue personnel who provide needed services in the event of emergencies to the citizens who need to feel safe in the community, government organizations are looking for solutions that can reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve service levels and safety..

Power & Utilities 


Today’s utility and energy providers must strive to control costs while providing the best possible customer service. Communications is a key element in this on-the-go environment, where field service personnel are beyond headquarters servicing customers, reading meters or maintaining the infrastructure.



Connect your manufacturing customers with business-critical intelligence so they can build efficiencies and grow economies, inside and outside their organization. Together, we can help manufacturers anticipate production requirements and concerns, innovate to create efficiencies across operations, improve product quality, meet regulatory requirements and inspire customer demand.



Details always count in the hospitality industry. Rooms must be spotless. Dinner checks need to be delivered quickly and accurately. And nobody enjoys waiting in line. Equip your hospitality customers with mobile voice and data solutions so they can provide superior service to their guests on a consistent basis.

Field Mobility


Enterprises all over the world have discovered the value of field mobility. With a mobile computer in hand that provides a real-time voice and data connection to the business, field sales and field service workers are more efficient and effective, enabling enterprises to maximize the value/utilization of the field workforce..


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