Card Printers by Industry


Corporate Card from Spec Systems

When visitors come to your company for a meeting, issuing a visitor badge is a quick and easy way to for them to be immediately identified, which also enhances your company image.


School ID cards are intended to immediately identify elementary, high school, or college students, increasing campus safety.


Improve the customer experience with credit card printers, by offering high-quality, secure, personalized payment cards on site, using the latest encoding technologies.


A national ID card needs to be durable and counterfeit-proof. Spec Systems, providers of personalization solutions for cards, will advise and support you in your project to print secure ID cards.


In the hospital environment, it is vital to identify employees to optimize flow and secure access to the establishment. Plastic hospital ID cards are the most suitable way to respond to the security needs of these establishments.


Instantly provide your members with a personalized membership card, enabling you to visually identify them while strengthening their ties to your club or association.


Print your price signs on PVC cards and improve your efficiency. Flexible and practical, printing information about your products on plastic strengthens your brand image and sets you apart from your competitors.


Customer loyalty is an important driver of growth for a business. Opting for decentralized loyalty card printing provides greater independence and responsiveness, and helps increase your turnover.


Transit badges make it easier for users to take public transportation and help transportation companies and agencies control their revenues.


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