Chemical Drum Labels from Spec Systems

Spec Systems is a leading supplier of Chemical Drum Labels to the industrial manufacturing industry. We meet strict durability and adhesive performance guidelines. Produced on digital presses, our chemical drum labels are waterproof and weatherproof as a result of the durable lamination process.

Many companies who offer hazardous drum labels but our drum labels stand out due to our years of label manufacturing expertise and knowledge.  Our drum and pail labels are engineered to endure the many challenges of their application including; imaging, filling processes, harsh environmental exposure and handling of the container.

Chemical Drum Labels

 Spec Systems can manufacture chemical labels for industrial environments including pharmaceuticals, bottles, various foods, cosmetics and household chemical products.

Our lamination is specifically selected so you can overprint on the lamination using a thermal transfer printer. Include the Manufacture Date; Expiry Date; and any additional variable data that you may need to add during final assembly.

Chemical Drum Labels


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