Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal Labels manufactured in our factory include substrates that range from cost effective econo thermal to coated and double barrier coated thermal top-sheets. Direct thermal printing does not require a ribbon and is most commonly found on fast moving consumer goods where a long shelf life is not expected. Print on Thermal labels fades over a period of time and exposure to direct sunlight will cause the paper to discolour which will ultimately affect the scannability of the barcode. It provides a cost effective label printing solution but barcode printer printhead wear is a consideration when using this method and should be taken into account in the overall cost per label calculation.Direct Thermal Labels

  • Adhesives for this product include Acrylic, Hot Melt, Removable and Deep Freeze and it is suitable for industries ranging from retail to warehousing, shipping, receiving, work-in-progress and inventory management applications.
  • Compatible with Argox, Citizen, Zebra, Intermec, Sato, Datamax and other thermal transfer printers. See our range of Thermal Printers.
  • We offer roll and fanfold formats for all of your printing needs.
  • This product does not require the use of a thermal transfer ribbon.

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