Extended Colour Gamut

With technological advancements in platemaking and press manufacturing occurring daily, flexography has bridged the quality gap that once separated it from other printing processes. By having our machine print quality fingerprinted, Spec now has the ability to hold smaller and more stable dot percentages on plates. We have Optimised Colours with the use HD plates and Extended colour gamut have significantly improved the look and repeatability of high-end, four color process design work. Pastels and highlight heavy skin tone areas once considered a challenge to flexo, now print with ease.cosmetics

Flexo Advantages

  • Because of the high speed and volume of the Flexo press, it’s the economical alternative to other printing processes
  • Flexo has the inline capability to coat, laminate, cold foil, rotary screen and die cut
  • Flexo has the ability to print on a wide range of absorbent and non-absorbent substrates- paper and film
  • Multiple print stations allow 8 vibrant UV colours to be printed per job
  • Photopolymer plates withstand millions of impressions
  • Fully digital pre-press and platemaking have allowed for tighter control and repeatability on press
  • Flexo has the ability to print a wide range of inks, including flourescents and metallics

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