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  • Semi-Gloss
    • Semi-gloss labels are ideal for a diverse range of end-uses including food, pharmaceutical, retail, industrial and product labeling, as these products can be used to create eye-catching multi-color labels.
  • Transfer Ultra/ Transfer Extra
    • An ultra-smooth, face material for excellent thermal transfer printing and flexography
  • Transfer Standard/ Vellum
    • Multipurpose labels with matt finish designed for thermal transfer printing with good bar code resolution.
  • Semi-Gloss Piggy-Back
    • Piggyback label constructions – sometimes referred to as “a label within a label” comprised of a single face stock and two liners. The top layer can be peeled away and affixed to another surface, which helps transfer information after its initial use.Piggyback labels are used in applications such as promotional and coupon labeling as well as direct mail medical/laboratory applications and multi-part continuous forms.
  • Semi-Gloss Coverall
    • Coverall materials are typically used for over-labelling errors and updates on the packaging of pre-packed foods, perishable items and stock labelling in the retail sector.While a black pigmented permanent adhesive is the most commonly utilised, our product is also available with other coloured adhesives including blue, green and grey.
  • Transfer Standard Piggy-Back
  • Transfer Standard

THERMAL LABEL MATERIAL:Direct-thermal papers

  • Direct Thermal Top
    • Top barrier-coated, chemi-thermal paper with standard sensitivity.
      For universal labelling requiring good environmental resistance of the printed image. For retail use.
  • Direct Thermal Economy
    • Non top-coated, non smudge proof, chemi-thermal paper with standard sensitivity.
      For labelling in dry environments such as POS price marking and other retail uses. Avoid contact with plasticizers (PVC) and fat. Not for use with over-print varnishes.
  • Thermal Top Piggy-Back


  • Dairyfilm or Gloss White Polyprop
    • White Polypropylene (PP) films are commonly used for labelling tickets or tags in the health & beauty market, such as cosmetics, oils and lotions due to their durability, flexibility and resistance properties. Other end uses include promotional materials, food and beverage containers, and pharmaceutical containers.
  • Matt Polyprop
  • Syntex
    • A matt white synthetic film made of three ply bi-axially orientated polyethylene. The Syntex label is ideal for relatively tough environment whereby the a long life span of a label is required.
  • Tyvek
    • A brand of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers, a synthetic material; the name is a registered trademark of DuPont. Can be used in thermal transfer printing applications.
  • Fastyrefastyre
    • A bi-axially oriented, glossy white polypropylene film with a print receptive coating with an extremely aggressive, permanent, rubber based adhesive specifically designed for use on rough and difficult surfaces such as tyre.

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