Lamination, the process whereby the life expectancy of a paper label is extended by adding a protective layer of clear film. Also known as a clear over-laminate, this clear coating protects printed images and provides an attractive finished look to a label. A laminate can provide added UV resistance, physical strength to a label and visual depth to artwork.

Self Adhesive Laminate

Lamination Self Adhesive

Laminates are available in matte, gloss and textured finishes to meet a variety of preferences and needs.

A laminate may add some cost to a label but it most certainly will enhance the appearance. For instance, a dull matte white label instantly becomes shiny with a glossy over-laminate adding commercial appeal. And a shiny silver label is dulled down with a matte laminate.

Laminated labels are waterproof and tear resistant and provide longevity for labels being exposed to moisture, friction and solvents.

The lamination used for labels is basically a strong self adhesive coating (like sticky-tape)that covers the entire label.


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