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Every day, our solutions help customers streamline their business with barcode and RFID technology. In addition to label designers NiceLabel provides tools that allow you to easily create purpose-built printing solutions. Only purpose-built solutions eliminate human error and increase productivity.

Reduce the complexity and costs of labeling like hundreds of thousands of businesses in all industries.

Quickly design barcode labels without IT help

Streamline your labeling and improve print productivity

Eliminate printing errors and improve print productivity

The true cost of labeling is the cost associated with printing errors, mislabelling, product recalls or fines. Other costs that should be taken into account are labour and training. Best practice is to minimize these costs by integrating and automating label printing with your existing business applications. Alternatively for manual printing, customizing the printing interface is possible to meet users capabilities.

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centralized label repository

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For businesses of all sizes


For businesses of all sizes For single site, smaller businesses
Use cloud to design and store labels centrally. Access and print them from anywhere. Standardize your global labeling process on one platform. Easily start designing and printing barcode labels.
  • Deploy your labeling solution in minutes
  • Simply design labels from any computer in any location
  • Securely store and manage labels and data in the cloud
  • Integrate labeling with your product data
  • Easily scale printing across your business
  • Pay on subscription and lower your TCO
  • Print without any local infrastructure
  • Design, review, approve and manage labeling from a centralized database
  • Streamline label design process with an easy to use label designer
  • Configure efficient label printing interfaces for the print operators
  • Integrate label printing with databases and business systems
  • Extend standardized labeling throughout the supply chain
  • Create labels in minutes; no coding or advanced computer skills needed
  • Reduce cost and complexity of labels with intelligent, universal label templates

Quickly design and print barcode labels without IT help

Get started and finished with label design today

The label designer front end delivers a familiar Microsoft Word-like user experience. This means anyone can quickly design professional labels without previous knowledge of barcoding or designer training.

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Print accurately and consistently without printing errors

Printing labels with dynamic data is different from printing other types of documents. The labeling system needs to enable production and warehouse staff to print quickly and without errors. NiceLabel comes with an all-in-one printing form that helps users print accurate labels without the risk of error.

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Manage your entire labeling process and users for maximum print productivity

A next-generation all-inclusive label management system

LMS is a next-generation all-inclusive label management system for businesses that operate a quality management system and for regulated enterprises. The NiceLabel LMS includes everything you need to standardize, centralize and control your labeling.

The NiceLabel LMS includes a label designer, application builder, document management system, web printing system, integrated printing system, a non-production environment and a change and transport system. It is scalable from five users to many thousands of users and can be extended to remote locations, suppliers or contract manufacturers.

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NiceLabel print forms to elimante printing errors

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