Optimized Colour


Optimized colour and HD Flexo – HD Flexo results in bright, high definition printed tones that ensure brand owners products POP off the shelf. By imaging flexo plates at a much higher resolution with high definition optics and screens, printed labels and flexibles now have smoother tone transitions and a higher level of contrast than ever before. Becoming HD Flexo Certified ensures pre-press, platemaking and printers are aware of the parameters they control in getting an excellent printed result. With 70% of purchasing decisions made at the point of sale, think about what high chroma colour, optimum brightness and continuous tone can deliver for your brand on the supermarket shelf.


Improve the vibrancy of spot and process colors

In a crowded market place, brands that leverage the impact that high chroma spot colors or expanded gamut can deliver, stand out like beacons

optomized colour

Optimized Colour

By optimizing the color of your existing artwork and then supplying the print company with high vibrancy target colors, your packaging is enhanced with higher definition, brightness and vibrancy. Catch your consumer’s eye before rival brands do!


Vibrant Colour – Stand out amongst competitor’s products with vibrant colour. Extended colour gamut printing enables us to enhance images and produce spectacular definition, while saving you cost and reducing unnecessary spot colour inks. It also helps the environment by eliminating press returned ink.



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