Semi Rotary Die Cutting

A Hassle Free way of die cutting blank or preprinted web in perfect Register.

What is Intermittent Die-Cutting technology?

An intermittent or a semi rotary system involves the movement of the web in a “back and forth motion” while the cutting tool rotates in just one direction. This enables the use of one common magnetic cylinder for multiple repeat sizes and the servo driven press automatically cuts in register.

Semi Rotary Magnetic Cylinder and die

Semi Rotary Die Cutting

As per the image on the left, flexible plate dies or cutting tools of various shapes and sizes can be attached to the magnetic cylinder. Semi rotary’s flexibility gives us shorter job set-up time and a very high cutting pressure and accuracy when compared to other die-cutting systems. Although traditionally slower than full rotary the automated nature results is a cost effective solution for short to medium run digital label jobs. The primary advantage of the intermittent system is not having to invest in multiple magnetic cylinders. And because a single cylinder can do all the repeats, a higher uptime is also achieved from the printing press.

Odd label shapes, die-cutting and matrix stripping problems result in decreased press speeds so Spec Systems opted to run their finishing units off-line.


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