Vape labels

Or e-liquid bottle labels from Spec Systems makes all the difference

The vape label and e-cig market has grown rapidly over the last several years, giving rise to the popularity of larger, refillable vaporizers. Spec Systems is a leader in label printing and we now offer labels for vapor products. We have a wide range of sizes for Vape labels and stickers to help you stay competitive in a growing market.

vape-menu-pic-vaping-ape-laRefillabel vaporizers offer your customers the opportunity to sample from the many flavors of e-liquid available today, with varying amounts of nicotine and even nicotine-free formulations. At Spec Systems we understand the critical importance of how your juice label should truly represent the quality and uniqueness of the vape juice in your bottles.


vape-labelsAs the market becomes more crowded so should the importance of your Vape Label design. Let our design team tell your e-liquid story. The financial success of your brand could be as a result of a striking label design.

We also recognize the challenges of adding warnings and disclaimers to such a small label and would be happy to discuss any design and layout concerns you encounter during the label design process. Contact one of our label experts to experience our passion for the craft.



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