Wine labels

At Spec Systems we understand the critical importance of wine labels, for us, producing a wine label is still a unique craft just like the process of winemaking itself.

Wine LabelsAs a leading supplier of wine labels into the South African market and beyond. The most skilled wineries in the industry have trusted us to tell their story and deliver the quality, service and value that an exceptional wine deserves.

Wine Labels


Most wineries place great importance on their label design. There are wineries that have not changed their label’s design in over 60 years, while others hire new designers every vintage. Labels often include images of works by famous artists or of the farms where the grapes are harvested.

The elegance of the label does not always  determine the wine’s quality. Some modern wine makers attempt to make selecting and purchasing wine easy and unintimidating by making their labels playful and inviting. The financial success of some of these modern wines are attributed to striking label designs.

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